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{X13 v2 is out Now !}

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About X13 Db Editor;

X13 DB Editor is a database editor that allows everybody to put nearly any database on the web for viewing and/or editing without needing any coding. The X13 DB Editor Engine is written with Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) for IIS 4. It has been tested successfully on NT 4, Personal Web Server (recommend update to MDAC 2.0) Win9x and ChiliASP for UNIX.


Click here to launch demo
Username : demo
Password : demo


(19.01.2003) Current Version is 1.7 : Download x13_17_18_01_2003.zip


  1. Arrange records
  2. Delete records
  3. Add new records
  4. Able to write html code
  5. Advanced search
  6. Quick and useful
  7. Auto remember for recently working table
  8. Able to choice database between in your files without set up
  9. You can choose more than one databases. And then you don't need to choose again the same databases
  10. You can setup it only for one database and give your customer or a person to manage database that is chosen by you. It can be used like control panel
  11. Unlimited database support
  12. You can manage your files in your server. Upload, download, erase & backup your files
  13. You can compact your database
  14. Ascending / Descending in the table's column
  15. You can change listing and paging properties in search results
  16. You can set how many record list per page
  17. It consists of only one file. Therefore there is no chaos between your files
  18. There is no graphics
  19. User friendly. You can change db table only by one click.
  20. Record highlighting (only IE browsers)
  21. On Boolean fields you can use checkboxes (True/False)
  22. JavaScript controls for nonblank fields in editing and adding records


If you want to use custom Connection Strings ; Put your string (as shown below) to near Line 39. Or anywhere near to top of the page.

Session("db13") = "Driver={SQL Server};Server=(local);UID=sa;PWD=;Database=testdb"

After that remove values of variables on line 70, 71,72 specialdb, specialdsnless,specialodbc .
If you leave blank specialdb,specialdsnless, specialodbc variables you can access a database selection window.


Standard License;
One Domain License – You may not resell and you may not edit source code. File name is not important you can change it.Line 37. Replace "demo" with your usernameLine 38. Replace "demo" with your passwordAlso you can configure database connections from Line 70,71,72Then send the file to server. (Server must support ASP)Just write url of the X13Db editor and start to manage your site.


GNU Public Licence
Also if you are using X13 in you web site drop me an email please

Contact for commercial projects

Contact - Support;

Ferruh.Mavituna [Freelance Designer & Developer]
E-mail :

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