Tor Tray 0.9.6 – Open Source Unofficial Simple GUI for TOR


This application is a simple loader for Tor (An anonymous Internet communication system), if you don't have Tor or don't know what is Tor then checkout it out first.

Tor Tray Icon

What is Tor Tray;

Tor Tray is a simple application (C++) which enables you to load TOR in the tray and see messages, start / stop it easily. This is a very simple, quick and dirty work but it looks nice in tray and works. It developed 01.01.2005, I just have time to release / share it.

Uses about 2 - 2,5 MB in memory and 35 KB footprint.


Tor Tray Screenshot 1 Tor Tray Screenshot 2
Big screen shot from folder


  1. Download ( - 20KB)
    MD5 : 5AE3F8B806265BA8AB09CA4E1D138300
  2. Extract TorTray.exe into Tor installation folder (default path is c:\Program Files\Tor)

    Tor.exe and independent DLLs should be same folder with Tor Tray
  3. Just run it,

    by default it loads Tor in the background automatically

System Requirements;

Download Source Code;

Is there any other good GUI for Windows?

As far as I know simply No, But there is a good GUI competition is running on TOR official website. I developed this application before this competition just for fun, and I was no idea about Control Protocol of Tor, so this app simply use Tor console output for some dummy messages.

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