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Bugün maillistlerde bir mail gördüm, adware ve spywareların adaware, spybot gibi yazılımlardan gizlenebilmesi için Rootkit tadında bir yazılım geliştirmişler ve pazarlıyorlar. Özetle bu yazılımlar sistem direk modifiye ederek belli registry anahtarlarını, dosyaları ve prosesleri saklayabiliyor. Programın adı da AdProtector 1.2.

Ne sevimli !, Aşağıda maili iletiyorum

To: Business development manager

Subject: Hide your adware from all Adware removers
and  Anti-viruses

       Adware removers are gaining in popularity and
they cause a big
revenue threat to adware based businesses, as we see
our software
installations get desinstalled after a period of
time that is shorter
and shorter, we see our revenues get smaller and

       Why would an honest adware based business
lose revenue just because
some adware remover has identifyed it as being
something to remove ?

       We beleive we have the right to hide from
these adware removers as
long as we provide a way for the user to uninstall
and that he agrees
that the software will be uninstalled only with the

       It is in that spirit that we created the
solution to the problem : 

AdProtector 1.2

       We have developed software capable of hiding
your software from all
adware removers and anti-viruses on a Windows
NT/2000/2003/XP machine.

       Basically we have filtered the windows kernel
so that we could mofify
the behavior of the system itself. So now we can
hide anything we want
from windows.

  			     It can : 	- Hide Registry Keys
             				- Hide Files
                     				- Hide Processes

       By hiding these 3 key elements from windows,
your application won't
ever be detected by any adware removers.

       Interesting ?

       For more information or to resquest a Demo : 

Business is moving fast, keep ahead of the

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