Psycho Folder


I've got a routine of extracting downloaded video files, appending subtitles where required and moving them to the server that my PS3 connects, so I can watch it on my TV. This process involves about 3 steps, 1-2 minutes waiting, worse I have to be in front of the computer (second floor) to do these.

This weekend I decided to put an end to my misery and developed a small application which watches a folder and carries out defined rules based on the created/renamed files in the folder. After about 2-3 hours of hacking I end up with Psycho Folder. Just modify the Rules.xml, define your own rules and let it do the job for you. After I saw it on action and really liked it and spent another couple of hours for polishing.

It's written .NET Framework 2.0, get the source code or get the installer to give it a try. Report a bug or request a feature.

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