Productivity Tools for Windows


If you are working in IT or some job related with computers (today most of them is) you spent lots of time with your computer. This is my toolbox for a better computing experience in my daily routine.

Executing applications,
Who wants to spend 3 clicks to execute an application from programs menu or fill up the desktop with lots of application shortcuts? Just type it and go...

There a few applications around doing this like Slickrun, and Find & Run Robot. My personal choice is Colibri. Colibri doesn't have so much cool features but it looks cool and doing the job.

Planning stuff,
Outlook to-do list is just sucks so we need a better one.

If you want to access your to-do list from everywhere just give it a try to ta-da list, online to do list system.

Store your passwords,
Sorry but I can't remember 90 passwords! Believe me it's more secure than keep writing them down.

Store your content,
You read lots of new article, news and other stuff everyday and then when you need them you can't find any.

Find your files fast,
There are lots of desktop search tools around but I don't want to kill my computer perfomance. Who needs to index all files, just index file names and folders with properties.

 I just can’t live without these tools (except to-do list)

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