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Hocus Pocus 0.6
User Manual / Help Documentation

Ferruh Mavituna( http://ferruh.mavituna.com )

  1. What Is Hocus Pocus?
  2. Download
  3. Screen Shots
  4. Other Features
  5. Using Hocus Pocus?
  6. Menu Reference
  7. Right Click Menu Reference
  8. FAQ
  9. Known Issues & To-Do
  10. License & Donate
  11. Feature Request, Bug Report & Contact
  12. Team & Credits

What is Hocus Pocus?

Hocus Pocus is small and free program which helps you to hide & show your running applications by simple shortcuts and user friendly interface. In fact this is a "Boss is coming !" style application.

Main idea behind this application is hiding applications in public areas. For example you can use this tool to hide your IM (Instant Messaging) application or Download Manager . So no one can detect what are you doing? Because this is your privacy and this is your computer.

Other Features;

Beside of this, Hocus Pocus offers you several other good features. You can see all running applications in a usable GUI interface and manage them ( kill / hide / show / maximize etc.).

If you open “ Show Process Details ” option you can see running applications File Name , Company Info and Start Time .


.NET Framework should be installed. Otherwise setup application will guide you to download .NET Framework.

Screen Shots

Using Hocus Pocus?

It's easy to use Hocus Pocus. First fire it up “default location: Program Files > Ferruh Mavituna > Hocus Pocus”.

Now, you should see default GUI of Hocus Pocus. In this screen you should see all running applications on your computer which are have GUI width checkboxes besides them.

Select applications which you want to hide and click “ Hide / Show ” button. It's enough to hide application(s).

OK, Now your first, big and important question! “ How can I hide Hocus Pocus? ” It's very easy just press Ctrl+F10 to hide and show all checked applications and Hocus Pocus. It's enough for start.

You can read more instructions and advanced options.

Menu Reference;

In some menu options include (Global) term. This means these shortcuts can be used while Hocus Pocus is not active applications. So you can use this Hocus Pocus features while Hocus Pocus is not active or hidden.

  1. File
    1. Hide Hocus Pocus (Global) Ctrl+F8
    2. Hide / Show Hocus Pocus
    3. Exit
  2. View
    1. List
    2. List view
    3. Detailed View
      Detailed view, Include PID (Process ID) and Main Window Title. Also you can order applications.
    4. Small Icons
      Similar list view, order is different.
    5. Large Icons
      You can see big icons of running programs.
  3. Quick Access
    1. Refresh F5
      Refresh Running Processes
    2. Kill Process(es) F12
      Kill checked Process(es) / Application(s)
    3. Hide All (Global) Ctrl+F10
      Hide All Checked applications, shortcut can use while Hocus Pocus is not active or hidden.
    4. Hide / Show Applications (Global) Ctrl+F9
      Hide / Show all checked applications, shortcut can use while Hocus Pocus is not active or hidden.
    5. Hide Hocus Pocus (Global) Ctrl+F8
      Hide / Show all checked applications, shortcut can use while Hocus Pocus is not active or hidden.
    6. Close All Immediately! (Global) Ctrl+F12
      Kill all checked process (es) / application(s) include Hocus Pocus.
  4. Options
    1. Always On Top
    2. Don't Show Non-GUI Apps.
      Hide applications which have don't GUI like svchost.exe, spoolsv.exe etc.
    3. Doesn't Include Hocus Pocus
      Don't show Hocus Pocus in list.
    4. Show Process Details
      Show selected application details (Include start time , responding , file name , Company )
    5. Refresh Every Minute
      Refresh list every minute
    6. Reset to Default Options
      This will reset your current settings. After reset do not forget restart application.
  5. Help
    1. About
    2. User Manual
      Open this manual offline
    3. Go to Web site
      Opens Hocus Pocus web page ( http://ferruh.mavituna.com/hocus-pocus )

Right Click Menu Reference;

Right Click menu is not for checked applications, it's just for selected application(s).

  1. Select All
    Select All applications
  2. Reverse Selection
    Reverse Checked Items (check and select)
  3. Hide Show (Default double click action)
    Hide / Show selected application(s)
  4. Force to Show
    If an application can't shown by “ Right Click > Hide / Show ” you can try “ Force to Show “ menu.
  5. Restore
    Restore selected application Window.
  6. Normal
    Set selected application window to normal.
  7. Maximized
    Set selected application window to maximize.
  8. Minimized
    Set selected application window to minimize.
  9. Kill Process (es)
    Kill selected process(es).


  1. How can I hide all applications?
    Right Click “ Select All ” and click “ Hide / Show
  2. What is difference between selected items and checked items?
    Selected items it's not important for “ Hide / Show ” and “ Kill ” buttons on the right. These buttons just working with checked applications and “Right Click” is just working for selected items. This is just a small feature for different situations.
  3. When I try to select applications performance is slowing down!
    It should be related with “ Options > Show Process Details ” uncheck it and try again. This option is trying to access process file and try to extract program information. So this could be slower in some systems.
  4. How can I show all running processes?
    Sure to un-check “ Options > Don't Show Process Details ” option.
  5. What about Kill?
    Killing a process / Application is not a great idea; some application can fail if they killed. This is just like ending an application from task manager.
  6. Hiding Winamp
    Close playlist editor and equalizer, then hide it.
  7. Hiding Kazaa (P2P)
    If you hide some versions of Kazaa, it put itself into tray. Instead of use Hocus Pocus you can use a hacker version of Kazaa, Kazaa Lite Resurrection. It includes an advanced option to hide Kazaa (I'm not responsible about this action and not related with this program).
  8. What about .NET Framework, Why should I need it?
    Hocus Pocus developed by .NET Technology. So you should have to .NET Framework 1.1 for running Hocus Pocus properly. Installer should tell and download .NET Framework for you –if you don't have already-

Known Issues & To-Do;

License & Donate;

Hocus Pocus is completely free but if you want to help / donate you can order a book from Amazon for me.

My Amazon Wishlist;

- Amazon Wishlist

Boss is coming, Anti-Boss, Boss Protection, Hide application from co-workers etc.

Most of us are working on public places with our computers like small offices, large offices etc. WE have privacy and we should protect it !

I'm playing games like Dopewars and surfing while working, It's fun for me. It's a motivation and my programming style. But generally your boss or co-workers can't understand this. So I decided to write Hocus Pocus.

My second favorite reason for Hocus Pocus is hiding downloads (Download managers, P2P applications). Most of companies have better bandwidth than our home connections. So as a worker we have enough rights to suck their bandwidth while working. Burn it to CD and go home.

Personally I don't use IM applications so much but generally people want use ICQ while working and I think it must be acceptable. You can hide your IM application also but don't forget about enterprise companies special proxy systems.

Most of the companies can track your traffic and much more they can deny any traffic other than POP3 (mail) and HTTP (web). In this you can always try httptunnel or similar applications to bypass this kind of protections. But do not forget you have a serious risk by doing this. Some companies absolutely don't allow this kind of applications.

Also do not forget to use PGP for your e-mail traffic and IM messaging, So your IT department can not track you. One final note you can remove "Program Files" shortcuts for stealthy and you can install program anywhere you want.

For a secure P2P experience you always can try Mute. You have two good reason for this RIAA and your fuckin' boss ! It's not perfect but it's future.

One Final Note;
As you think/know I don't take any responsibility about your actions with this small application.

Feature Request, Bug Report & Contact;

You can contact about feature request, bug report, business, comments;

E-mail : ferruh[at]mavituna.com
PGP Key : http://ferruh.mavituna.com/pgpkey.asc

Web : http://ferruh.mavituna.com
Web Interface : http://ferruh.mavituna.com/contact/ (also https available)

Team & Credits;

  1. Developer & Designer
    1. Ferruh Mavituna ( http://ferruh.mavituna.com )
  2. Name Father
    1. Baris Mavituna ( http://akvaryum.mavituna.com )
  3. Beta Testers
    1. Vedat Yigitoglu ( http://www.yigitoglu.org )
    2. Cemal Dalar (http://www.dalar.net )
    3. Alper Savasci
    4. Özgür Mavituna

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