Getting Real - Kitap Notları


Dediğim gibi bugün Getting Real' ı bitirdim (son bir kaç bölüm essay kaldı). Son zamanlarda bir çok konuda kısa notlar tutuyorum, bu notlar da Gettin Real' dan:

Less Features

Focus on something, solve it


Embrace Constraints




  1. make application as small as possible, Feature wise, Code wise etc.
  2. Instead of having lots of features which don’t work, have a few which work great,
  3. Build features and cut it half, that's what you need,
  4. Focus on only essential features and rest will come after essentials are good,
  5. Remove features which “Just doesn’t matter”. If a feature not changing outcome remove / don’t develop it.
  6. Do not try to please everyone, focus on the essentials and the target market.
  7. Do not accept features by default, A feature should be accepted after a long battle.
  8. Solve the root problem, and let people to solve the rest of the problem in your framework.

Add a New Feature Routine

  1. Say no.
  2. Force the feature to prove its value.
  3. If “no” again, end here. If “yes,” continue…
  4. Sketch the screen(s)/ui.
  5. Design the screen(s)/ui.
  6. Code it.


  1. Do it instead of spending ages on planning it, do it as a early, shortcut dirty version if it’s required.
  2. Build, Revise, Repeat…
  3. Avoid Prefences, Put your professional expertise, make a default setting stick with it. Just ignore little details focus on the essentials.
  4. Do the decision, make your call, get it done, unless you got it working your idea is pointless.
  5. It doesn’t matter it’s beta or not, get it released. It may not be perfect but release it, then you might fix it.








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