Get a license and then grab your pirated copy


There is no problem with pirated software, it's all bourgeois anti-piracy organization bullshit, and they are working just fine! But my licensed windows is just bugging me, my stupid licensed applications just keep bugging, want to get my profile, want me to register to their marketing shit and they generally just sell my profile for 2p.

One of my licensed games is not working but pirated one is just fine, most of the stupid games come with a damn driver to keep them from "crackers" which is an impossible task (but at least they try). These drivers are generally being a reason for other interesting problems.

Installing a new Windows XP (telephone activation!) oh come on. I got a valid license but sorry I'm not going to install from a shiny windows CD because it takes ages...

I think if software companies go any further, it'll be worse for them.

Please don't bug me help me to use and run it!...

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