Fallout MMORPG!


Multiplayer Fallout yolda mı acaba?

In addition to reporting the annual results, the company also pointed to its two-pronged growth strategy. First, management is working to secure funding for the development of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) based on the popular "Fallout" franchise. Interplay sold "Fallout" in 2007 while obtaining a license back, under certain conditions, to create and develop a "Fallout" MMOG.
No Mutants Allowed - Your Post Nuclear News Center! Fallout 3 zaten bu senenin sonunda çıkıyor inşallah, Peki multiplayer Fallout bir şeye benzer mi? Görütnü tepeden mi olur, gözden mi, hangi takım nasıl geliştirir. Muhtemelen 2010' da Fallout MMORPG u göreceğiz.

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