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Amazon' da EverQuest: Trilogy ye bakarken şu şekilde bir yorum ile karşılaştım.

Özetle Türkçesini geçecek olursak;
"Bu oyunu sakın almayın ben bir yıldır oynuyorum ve hiç mutlu olmuyorum ama oynamaya devam ediyorum. Hayatımı mahvetti vs."

Reviewer: Pac_Man
I warn you. If you get addicted easily do not buy this game. I played for over a year and I was never happy with the game but I kept playing? Why you ask? well you work so hard to get better, but once you get better you feel like you've accomplished nothing, so you keep working hard to get better but you keep getting no where. This game is terribly addicting, you'll find yourself playing for hours and hours every day. You'll probly get on right when you get off of work and wont get off unless you absolutely have to, its that bad. I've heard of people killing themselves because they somehow lose all their equipment. They even have addiction groups to join (think AA but for EQ) to try and stop playing. How sad is that? I knew this game was consuming my life so I deleted my Characters, my account and I havent ever played since. Save yourself the trouble, enjor your life (your own, not your characters) and dont get this game.
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