26-27.05.08 - Trials 2 ve Penny Arcade Adventures


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Penny Arcade Adventures' i bitirdim, NetBouncer projesi üzerinde çalışmaya devam ediyorum, en sonunda çalışır hale geldi. İşler gayet yoğun, boş kalan vakitte de Trials 2' i oynadım.

27 May 2008

twitter 8:12 PM: fmavituna: justr found another good game : http://www.redlynxtrials.com/
twitter 5:53 PM: fmavituna: watching prison break
twitter 2:55 PM: fmavituna: Seasonal affective disorder - internet baglantimi test ederken asd aratmaktan bu terim ile bolca karsilasir oldum
twitter 2:33 PM: fmavituna: The Escapist - http://www.escapistmagazine.com Best gaming culture magazine. I just love reading it.
twitter 1:15 PM: fmavituna: interesting project, google-caja - http://code.google.com/p/google-caja/

Google Shared Notes One solution is to stoke fear. Fear is a primal emotion, far older than our...

One solution is to stoke fear. Fear is a primal emotion, far older than our ability to calculate trade-offs. And when people are truly scared, they're willing to do almost anything to make that feeling go away; lots of other psychological research supports that. Any burglar alarm salesman will tell you that people buy only after they've been robbed, or after one of their neighbors has been robbed. And the fears stoked by 9/11, and the politics surrounding 9/11, have fueled an entire industry devoted to counterterrorism. When emotion takes over like that, people are much less likely to think rationally.

Though effective, fear mongering is not very ethical. The better solution is not to sell security directly, but to include it as part of a more general product or service. Your car comes with safety and security features built in; they're not sold separately. Same with your house. And it should be the same with computers and networks. Vendors need to build security into the products and services that customers actually want. CIOs should include security as an integral part of everything they budget for. Security shouldn't be a separate policy for employees to follow but part of overall IT policy.

Google Shared Notes Security sellers know this, even if they don't understand why, and are contin...

Security sellers know this, even if they don't understand why, and are continually trying to frame their products in positive results. That's why you see slogans with the basic message, "We take care of security so you can focus on your business," or carefully crafted ROI models that demonstrate how profitable a security purchase can be. But these never seem to work. Security is fundamentally a negative sell.

Google Shared Notes But Kahneman's and Tversky's experiments contradicted Utility Theory. When fa...

But Kahneman's and Tversky's experiments contradicted Utility Theory. When faced with a gain, about 85 percent of people chose the sure smaller gain over the risky larger gain. But when faced with a loss, about 70 percent chose the risky larger loss over the sure smaller loss.
Lions, for example, chase young or wounded wildebeests because the investment needed to kill them is lower. Mature and healthy prey would probably be more nutritious, but there's a risk of missing lunch entirely if it gets away.

twitter 9:58 AM: fmavituna: reading - http://tinyurl.com/6kyz56 , Schneier is so much into psychology-security relation nowadays.
twitter 9:32 AM: fmavituna: trying to finish his todo list in the office

Google Reader How to Sell Security

26 May 2008

twitter 11:32 PM: fmavituna: playing audio-surf, such a brilliant idea ! - http://www.audio-surf.com/
twitter 4:30 PM: fmavituna: browsing gametap
twitter 3:24 PM: fmavituna: what a day!, it's pouring outside, MGS4 has not out yet, and Iron Man tickets sold out...
twitter 12:38 PM: fmavituna: going to Harrow to watch Iron Man and buy MSG4, Bank Holiday FTW!
twitter 12:32 PM: fmavituna: @YuSuPh :D yok ya bu aralar elimde bir suru proje var ama belki onlar bittikten sonra, http://code.google.com/p/netbouncer/ u bitireyim de
twitter 11:44 AM: fmavituna: @YuSuPh Guzelmis aslinda ama WP, Bence yapilmasi gereken adam gibi template sistemi destekleyen bir RSS reader yazip siteye entegere etmek
twitter 11:41 AM: fmavituna: finished penny arcade adventures, that was short!

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